Dubrovnik photography spots

15 Beautiful Dubrovnik photography spots

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Planning your next romantic holiday in Croatia and in search of the best places for couple photos in Dubrovnik? You’re at the right place! Croatia and the city of Dubrovnik in particular, offer plenty of nice spots for a couple photoshoot. As a Dubrovnik photographer duo, we used to photograph a lot of couples in Dubrovnik. That’s why we decided to help you find the perfect spots for couple or engagement photos with this list of 15 beautiful Dubrovnik photography spots. Enjoy!

Fort Lovrijenac Dubrovnik

1. Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac also called by the name St Lawrence Fortress, is an incredible spot for couple photos. Placed on top of a rock, 37m above the Adriatic sea and of its crystal clear water, it will offer you an amazing point of view.

2. Rector’s Palace

With a harmonious combination of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, the Rector’s Palace is a must for your couple photos in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik photography spots

3. Srd Hill

This is our favorite place on the list! And if you have a preference for wild landscapes and stunning views like us, you will love Srd Hill too! With a height of more than 400m, mount Srd offers an amazing view of Dubrovnik’s old town and the Adriatic sea. You can access it by cable car, by foot, or even by car as there is a good road for it (no need for a 4×4 vehicle). Even if Srd hill is easily accessible, we advise you to wear good shoes (no heels) for your couple photoshoot as there are a lot of rocks. Try to be there for sunset as the view is magical!

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4. City Walls

One of the main attractions of the city! Considered a UNESCO World Heritage since 1979 (as the entire Dubrovnik old town), the city walls are photogenic from almost every side. You can find more information about opening hours and tickets right here: https://wallsofdubrovnik.com/info-ticket-prices-working-hours/

5. Pile Gate

Pile Gate is one of the two main entrances to the old town. If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan, you will recognize a few locations for sure! As it is one of the main entrances to the old town it’s pretty busy all day long. That’s why we highly suggest you to do your couple pictures early morning if you don’t want a bunch of people in the picture!

Dubrovnik photography spots

6. Old Town Streets

Dubrovnik’s old town is full of cute and authentic streets. With white cobblestones everywhere and typical small shops, you will love wandering into the streets in search of the perfect picture (and ice cream!).

7. Jesuit Stairs

A clear example of baroque architecture in Dubrovnik! Jesuit stairs are leading up to the beautiful Church of St. Ignatius. The symmetry and leading lines of the stairs will help you compose the perfect couple photos. As for most of the locations in this list of 15 beautiful Dubrovnik photography spots, we advise you to get up early to avoid the crowd.

Dubrovnik photography spots

8. Stradun

Stradun is the Dubrovnik old town main street. This 300 meters long pedestrian street is the most famous one in Dubrovnik. Nice for the pictures, it’s the best place in town if you want to do some shopping too. Stradun is to Dubrovnik what Champs Elysées are for Paris. Simply impossible to miss it if you come to Dubrovnik.

9. Luza Square

Luza square is located in the center of Dubrovnik’s old town, at the end of Stradun. With Sponza Palace and Rectors palace nearby, it’s definitely one of the best places for couple photos in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik photography spots

10. Dominican Monastery

The stairs outside of the Dominican Monastery are already very pretty. But the inside will leave you speechless… A real hidden treasure!

11. Onofrio’s Fountain

Built in 1438 by the Italian architect Onofrio di Giordano, this imposing fountain will be one of the first things you’ll see when you enter the Stradun through Pile Gate.

12. Cavtat

Cavtat is a pittoresque village about 30 minutes from Dubrovnik. Even if it’s not exactly in Dubrovnik, we wanted to include Cavtat in this list of 15 beautiful Dubrovnik photography spots. Very popular with the jet-set during the summertime, we’re sure you will fall in love with this charming place as well.

Dubrovnik photography spots

13. Old Town Port

You certainly already have seen Dubrovnik’s old town port everywhere since you’re looking for a trip there. It’s on every single picture of Dubrovnik’s old town. Surrounded by the beautiful city walls, it’s a nice spot to get your couple pictures.

14. Lokrum Island

Lokrum is the nearest island to Dubrovnik. The island is two kilometers long and hosts the Dubrovnik botanical garden. It’s easily accessible by ferry and it will allow you to enjoy beautiful buildings and unspoiled nature. A must for pretty couple photos! More info here: http://www.lokrum.hr/

15. Park Orsula

We end this list of 15 beautiful Dubrovnik photography spots with Park Orsula. This place is very similar to Srd hill but less known by tourists. It will offer you an incredible panorama of the island of Lokrum and with Dubrovnik’s old town in the background. We highly advise you to come there for the sunset to get the most beautiful pictures!

If you’re looking for a photographer in Dubrovnik, please reach out to us! We would love to help you capture these beautiful moments and transform them into lifelong memories.

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