Algarve beach photoshoot
Dubrovnik Wedding
Couple jumping in the sea
Couple walking in front of the Eiffel Tower
Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower

You’ve met your one and only. The person who makes your heart skip a beat, the one who makes you smile and laugh so hard, it hurts. Your hand in theirs, they adore you unconditionally, embracing your quirks, your flaws - your entire being and soul as one.

A hard feeling to describe, being truly, deeply in love is often rare and irreplaceable, a chance meeting of kindred souls. They are yours and you are theirs. All you know is that you’re meant to be together. Forever.

Exploring the world, one sunrise at a time, home is anywhere as long as you’re with them.

And this is just the beginning…so many more adventures and memories await!

From your first-ever date to going on your first-ever holiday together, time seems to be flying by, your days, months and years blurring into one. Don’t you ever wish you could stop time so you could savour a special moment for just a while longer?

That’s exactly what we’re here for! Your couples photography team based in Paris, France, we’ll travel anywhere across the globe to capture your one-of-a-kind love story.

Let’s hit ‘pause’ and photograph you both in this exact moment of your lives. Kiss, cuddle, laugh, pull silly faces, all you have to do is have fun and BE YOU. Leave the rest to us.


Paris photoshoot

We’ve got you! Transforming your best-ever moments into forever memories, your photos will make you feel all the emotions, allowing you to relive it all over again.

Your photos are memories that you can touch and hold in your hands, tangible memories that tell your love story - raw, honest and unfiltered. Because you’re perfect just the way you are.

Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal in Paris, dreaming of an engagement photoshoot in Portugal or just want some beautiful photos of just the two of you holidaying in Croatia, we’d be honoured to make your dreams happen!

Not just your photographers, we’ll do anything and everything to ensure your entire experience is unforgettable. From scouting locations to exchanging silly jokes, we’ll feel like best friends in no time.


Bride and Groom holding hands

1 Hour

Couple Session

30-Minutes Couple Session

2 Hours

Couple Session

Just like a speed date, you’ll love our quick and fun 30-minutes photoshoot, perfect for squeezing into your Paris holiday itinerary.

If you’re happy to keep things simple, a 1-hour photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture memories while going on a quick little adventure.

Want to visit two locations or change up your outfits? A 2-hours photoshoot is the best way to truly enjoy your experience while exploring the city.

- 30-Minute Photoshoot Duration

- 1 Location

- 10 Professionally Edited Photos

- "What To Wear" Guide

- Standard & High Definition Photos

- Private Online Gallery

- 2-Hour Photoshoot Duration

- 2 Locations

- 40 Professionally Edited Photos

- "What To Wear" Guide

- Standard & High Definition Photos

- Private Online Gallery

- 1-Hour Photoshoot Duration

- 1 Location

- 20 Professionally Edited Photos

- "What To Wear" Guide

- Standard & High Definition Photos

- Private Online Gallery





After something a little different? Maybe a rooftop session with breathtaking views over the city of love? We’re more than happy to create a custom package just for you! For our full pricing and information guide, please get in touch.

To learn more (and get excited) about your upcoming couples shoot, we’ve put together a few guides filled with tips and inspiration. Click on the guides below to access our best tips and tricks!