elopement in Croatia

A Dreamy Elopement in Croatia

This elopement in Croatia was so beautiful! The ceremony took place in an abandoned chapel next to the sea, full of carpets and candles.

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Hey there, lovebirds! We’ve got a swoon-worthy elopement story to share with you from the charming country of Croatia. Picture this: the stunning Croatian coast, a charming abandoned chapel, with carpets and candles inside creating an intimate atmosphere. This was the romantic venue for Jelena and Antonio’s elopement in Croatia. And boy we were thrilled to capture their special day!

Jelena and Antonio are Croatians, from the continental part of the country. They had a big wedding a few months before with both their families but wanted another and more intimate celebration by the sea.

When they came to us for help with their symbolic ceremony planning, we jumped at the chance to research different venues for them. As Croatia experts, we know a lot of stunning places to elope! From the big fortress to wild locations in the middle of nature that will make you think that you are alone in the world.

As the couple had always dreamed of a small, intimate ceremony, this abandoned chapel by the Sea proved to be the perfect spot. The lush greenery and stunning views of the Adriatic Sea in the distance made for a truly magical setting. We worked closely with the couple to ensure that everything was taken care of. From the floral arrangements (made by our friends from Studio Katran) to the music selection.

As we prepared for their elopement in Croatia, we couldn’t help but wonder about the couples who had come before them. What was the last wedding held here like? Who were the people who stood in this very spot years ago?

But one thing was for sure: Jelena and Antonio’s elopement was a truly magical experience. As professional photographers, it was an honor to capture the love they share.

Jelena and Antonio’s Elopement in Croatia

On the day of the ceremony, the bride wore a gorgeous dress from the Croatian designer Lukabu. The groom had a casual but elegant look in his suit in autumn colors. They exchanged heartfelt vows while looking each other in the eyes. Then they sat close to each other to enjoy this unique moment in their love story. After a few minutes of calm, between the heat of the candles and the sound of the waves hitting not far from the chapel, they left the building to celebrate together. They took a small walk through the nearby countryside, taking in the sights and sounds of the picturesque landscape at sunset.

We can’t wait to capture more blissful memories in beautiful spots like this one. If you’re looking for Croatian photographers to guide you and help you plan a romantic and intimate elopement in Croatia, we’d love to help you make your dream a reality. Get in touch with us and let’s start planning your adventure elopement together!

{UPDATE} Jelena and Antonio’s elopement has been featured in the French wedding blog “Un Beau Jour“!

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