Get the most of your wedding day with an internationally published and experienced Dubrovnik wedding photographer duo.

Have fun and receive beautiful pictures that will make you proud, and make your friends jealous!


Hey! We're Kristina and Sofiane

we create beautiful and meaningful memories while you're having fun!

Hi! If you're on this page, chances are that you're planning to get married in Croatia and looking for a Dubrovnik wedding photographer. So first of all, congratulations!

We're a Croatian/French couple, and wedding photographers by the name of "Let's Run To The Sun".

We always have been in love with photography, but everything started back in 2016 when a couple of friends asked us to shoot their wedding in beautiful Croatia.

Since then, we have been lucky enough to capture more than hundred couples with amazing love stories in Croatia, France, Portugal and even Costa Rica!


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Everytime you have to take a picture it's the same old story...

You don't know how to pose, if you have to smile or not. With the theeth or without?

And then, when you finally find a "good" position you're now asking yourself "but what should I do with my hands?".

Avoid that awkward moment

As your wedding day approach you start to look for some poses ideas on Google or Pinterest, but when you try to replicate it, it doesn't feel natural to you. It's simply not the same... And that's ok!

We are not all destined to become models. But as you're already overwhelmed by all the wedding preparation, this thing about the photos just add more problems into your mind.

In a word: stressful.

We feel you. All the couples we have photographed have been there.

And we've been there too actually! That's why we know exactly how you're feeling right now.

As a Dubrovnik wedding photographer duo, first thing we want is to put you at ease. That's the most important thing for us and the starting point to get amazing pictures.

Ok great, but how you do it?

Glad you asked!

We simply follow few important steps with all our couples.

1. Always meeting our couples


Either in real or on a Zoom call, it allow us to see if it match between us and to know if we're the perfect photographers for you.

This is really important as we will be together all day long!

Dubrovnik Wedding

2. Building a relationship

We don't have to be best friends (even if we would love to!), but we want to know more about you and your love story.

Every couple has a unique story, that's why your pictures should be unique too!

Much more than pretty pictures, we want your photos to really mean something to you.

3. Helping you in the process

As experienced wedding photographers, we've been lucky enough to photograph a lot of weddings.

That's why we're able to share with you all our pro tips. It will help you prepare for the day, and you will have everything you need to get the pictures you dream of!

We want to make things easy, and to remove any stress from you so you can be totally comfortable.

We want you to be focused on the most important: enjoying the moment and having fun with your loved ones!

We're not only here to take beautiful pictures of you...

We want you to have the best experience!

Wedding Celebration

2. Be by your side

We're close to our couples, we don't want to be the two strangers you invited to your wedding.

Even if our approach is more to take photos in a calm and discreet way, on your wedding day, we will always be by your side.

We do everything we can to make you comfortable so you can fully enjoy the moment. Because that's what weddings are for right?!

Forget about awkward poses and fake smiles! Having your pictures taken shouldn't be a hard time. It should be fun!

That's why, instead of making you pose like most photographers would do, we give you directions or games to play to capture beautiful and candid images that are meaningful to you.

Are you currently planning your wedding in Croatia?

Contact us now! We would love to help you create wonderful memories! :)