Paris is perhaps most famously known for the Eiffel Tower. Nearly everyone who visits Paris makes it a point to visit this iconic landmark and for good reason! It has been the home to thousands of proposals. It’s been the backdrop to many “wish you were here” selfies. It is by far one of the most popular photography spots in Paris, which means that finding new or unique Eiffel Tower photo spots can be far more difficult than visitors might anticipate!

Couples Photos In Paris: Romance, Beauty & Wonder! 💕

Is there anywhere more beautiful than Paris? This city has a beauty beyond description. It’s been mentioned in films, music, written word, and featured in photos and art all over the world. 

People travel here year after year to take in all of the wonders that Paris provides – amazing food, beautiful architecture, gorgeous landscaping, and so much more! Not only is it a city with sights to see at every turn, but it’s also known as the most romantic city on Earth. 

Considering all the couple’s photoshoots we’ve done in Paris, we know how important it can be to try to have a few moments alone to shoot that perfect candid, or to sneak that extra mushy public display of affection that you might not feel comfortable having hundreds of passing tourists bear witness to. 

Eiffel tower photoshoot

Photography Spots For The Eiffel Tower

It may seem typical to walk directly to the Eiffel Tower and take your pictures from directly below it. Or, perhaps you feel adventurous enough to take the partial climb up to the farthest point you can climb the tower itself! While both of these are amazing options for photos on their own, neither of these options would provide you with the kind of perspective you would need to capture the best photos of the tower itself. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting as many different viewpoints on your photography subject as you can, so we encourage you to explore as much as you can! With that said, we definitely have a few secret places that we love the most, and that we know will offer some of the best photo spots to explore around the Eiffel Tower. 

They’re so good, it feels wrong to keep them to ourselves! Especially because all of the places we have in mind are not only perfect for pictures of the Eiffel Tower, but they are also locations that offer a wide array of attractions that you can take the time to enjoy as you make your way through France’s magical city. Shops. Parks. Waterways. Carousels. Restaurants. Anything you can think of can be found within walking distance of our favorite spots. See? They sound too good, right? 

The Best Eiffel Tower Photo Spots ✨

We’re giving you full access to some of the best photo spots in Paris! And, to be more specific, the best Eiffel Tower photo spots. These are all places that will give you a less-than-typical perspective on Paris’ most popular locations, and as Parisian photographers, they rank high on the list of places to check out when you are in this brilliant and beautiful city. 

1. Place de Mexico

The first place on our best spots in Paris for photos of the Eiffel Tower, ironically, starts in a place dedicated to Mexico – Place de Mexico – paying homage to the Mexican Embassy that is nearby at 9 Rue de Longchamp. On top of having a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower as you walk along the avenues, the avenues themselves are beautiful to look at and are prime for photography. 

The plaza itself is at the center of multiple avenues, which means that you can travel in any direction and find something new to look at! That is when you’re able to tear yourself away from the direct view that you and your special someone will have of the Eiffel Tower itself. Trust us, we know it’s hard not to stare! 

Eiffel Tower photo spots

2. Rue Saint Dominique

We love Rue Saint Dominique, and the minute you step foot there, you will see why! It’s a wonderful place that is lined with shops, bakeries, cafes, and galleries and they all come with a touch of the old-world charm that makes Paris so special.

On top of being one of the best spots in Paris for a photo shoot, it is by far one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. It is close enough to pick up the details, but far enough away to offer perspective on its enormity. 

Bonus points? The surrounding shops make for a fantastic backdrop for a Paris couples photoshoot. No matter what angle you choose, it all manages to look like it belongs on the front of a postcard because it is so picture-perfect!

3. Square Rapp

Square Rapp ranks high on the list of perfect spots for couples photos in Paris. It’s located right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and a very short walk from the Champ de Mars, a lush green space that also acts as a great backdrop for your Paris photography. 

Another great part about Square Rapp is that if you’re a lover of architecture, this is an amazing place to find yourself wandering around. The buildings are completely atypical of the area. They follow an art nouveau style, and it feels like you’ve been transported back to the 1920s Paris featured in all the classic black-and-white films. 📽️

Everything around here feels opulent and ornate, from the doors of the homes to the gates of the gardens, to the carvings of the stone. Make sure, if you find yourself in Paris, that you make your way to Square Rapp to take photos! 

4. Avenue de Camoens

There’s a certain kind of magic that takes place on the Avenue de Camoens, and each season gives you a different reason to want to take pictures here. There’s a range of trees here that blossom beautifully in the spring, and trees with leaves that shift their color schemes from green to gold in the fall. 🌳

It has a fairly close-up view of the Eiffel Tower from this area but has the added benefit of being a bit off the beaten path when it comes to the tourist-like attractions in the surrounding areas. This means that you’ll have a great chance to take all the photos you want from all the angles you can without major interruptions.

There’s a waterfront nearby, along with a large number of nearby gardens to explore, that also offer pristine views of the Eiffel Tower and make it one of the best Paris photography spots. We could spend hours here and never run out of good photos to take! 

5. Rue de Monttessuy

When it comes to photography spots of the Eiffel Tower, the Rue de Monttessuy might be one of the best ones to visit in the winter, though it’s gorgeous year-round. The first snows of winter, however, turn this area into a vision straight from a snow globe! 

It glitters in a way that only mother nature could create, but if you happen to visit as the sun sets and turns to night, the lights of the old lamposts come on and cast a golden glow all along the street, mimicking the lights of the Eiffel Tower. It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of photo opportunity – yet another great place for Paris couples photography. 

Everything about the Rue de Monttessuy reminds you of all the reasons so many people spend their engagement, honeymoon, elopement, or special day in Paris. 

There you have it! We’ve gone through a wonderful list of the hidden gems of Paris with the best Eiffel Tower photo spots, but also offer some of the best things that Paris itself has to offer. No matter where you go in Paris, you’ll find love, joy, and absolutely delicious food surrounded by gorgeous views.

Luckily with us as your Paris photographers, you won’t have to worry about wondering which spot to start with – we already have the routes planned! Reach out to us today so we can begin making your Eiffel Tower photoshoots dreams come true.

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