One thing you learn quickly as a Paris engagement photographer is that the climate in this amazing city can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Fortunately, if you know how to plan your engagement photoshoot in Paris, the moody weather can be incredibly romantic! Thanks to the city’s gorgeous architecture, iconic landmarks, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere, your Paris engagement photography is guaranteed to be beautiful no matter what kind of weather the city throws your way. Here’s how to make Paris’s moody weather work for your engagement shoot!

Couple kissing on a bridge in Paris

Sunny Day ☀️

Sunny days in Paris are really beautiful. The streets are filled with people and the city is bustling with activity. It’s also perfect weather for an excellent engagement photoshoot. However, there are important lighting considerations to keep in mind when the Paris sun is blazing in the sky! 

Best Time Of Day For A Photoshoot 📸

During the day, especially around noon, the sun is VERY bright! The shadows will be quite harsh and the glare might leave you and your partner squinting as you look into the camera.

On a clear, sunny day in Paris, the best time of day for a photoshoot is during sunrise or sunset. This will ensure that you have that golden hour light that makes for the best photos and will leave you and your partner looking your best!

How To Dress For Your Paris Photo Session 😎

Keep in mind that when the summer sun is out in Paris, it’s going to be quite hot! You’ll want to wear light, loose clothing to avoid being uncomfortable or too sweaty during your photoshoot.

Paris photoshoot under the rain
Lovers dancing in the rain in Paris

Rainy Day ☔

One of the best parts about having an engagement photoshoot in Paris is that even the rainy days are beautiful! Rain in Paris creates a moody, romantic atmosphere that will make your photos look like they came out of a classic French film. It’s also a great excuse to make the most of Paris’s beautiful architecture. Posing in a classic cafe or underneath a covered location with the rain pouring down around you will make for some especially dramatic and unique engagement photos!

Best Time Of Day For A Photoshoot 📸

In rainy weather, you’ll sometimes have to improvise to determine the best time of day for your Paris engagement photoshoot. It will depend on how hard it’s raining throughout the day and how overcast or clear the sky is. The important thing is to be prepared to adapt! Your engagement photographer will be an excellent resource to help you figure out what time of day is best to take your photos!

How To Dress For Your Paris Photo Session 🕺

For a rainy day photoshoot, be sure to wear waterproof makeup. If you’re bringing an umbrella, make sure it’s transparent so it won’t block your beautiful face during the shoot.

Another option is to throw caution to the wind and embrace the rain! Engagement photos of you and your partner standing in the rain together can be quite cinematic 🎬.

How to make Paris’s moody weather work for your engagement shoot

Cloudy Day ☁️

People tend to think of cloudy days as dreary, but they’re actually great for engagement photoshoots! Clouds naturally reflect the light, which softens the look of your skin and lends your photos a mellower tone.

Best Time Of Day For A Photoshoot 📸

Another great thing about cloudy weather is that the light remains neutral all day, so you don’t need to book your shoot for sunrise or sunset. The lighting will be great at whichever time of day works best for you!

How To Dress For Your Paris Photo Session 💃

We recommend wearing brighter colors for cloudy-day photoshoots. Bright, colorful outfits will really pop in the reduced light!

What Month Is Best For Engagement Photos In Paris? 

It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you’re going for! Paris is beautiful year-round, and which season you choose for your engagement photoshoot will depend on what kind of look and feel you want your photos to have. Summer is bright and vibrant. In spring, the city is in bloom and the weather is perfect for long photoshoots outdoors. In autumn, there’s a dreamy feeling in the city that you can’t find anywhere else 🥰!

It’s even possible to have an incredible Paris winter engagement photoshoot! While this is, of course, the coldest time of the year in the city, you can still have an awesome photoshoot with a bit of planning. For example, New Year’s Eve in Paris is truly special, and an engagement photoshoot on a special night like this makes for some quite romantic photos, despite the cold weather. Still, you might want to consider scheduling a shorter shoot so that you don’t have to be out in the cold for too long!

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