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How To Plan The Perfect Passionate Proposal In Paris

Paris is quite simply the most romantic place in the world, and there is no place more magical to propose to the love of your life. Here’s how to plan the perfect proposal in Paris!

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When you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’re going to want to give them a wedding proposal that they’ll never forget. To make sure the moment is absolutely unforgettable, it’s hard to do better than Paris (it’s known as “The City Of Love” for good reason)! Paris is quite simply the most romantic place in the world, and there is no place more magical to propose to the love of your life! If you’re ready to get started, then we are too. Here’s how to plan the perfect proposal in Paris! 💛✨

1. Choose A Public Proposal Or A Private Proposal

The first thing you’ll need to decide for your perfect Paris wedding proposal is if you’d like to propose in public or private. There are pros and cons to both choices. 

A Public Proposal

A public proposal is great if you want everyone around you to be able to celebrate your love alongside you, and you’ll be able to choose to propose at many iconic Paris landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or outside the Louvre. Public wedding proposals are also great if you want to have friends and family present at the key moment when you and your sweetheart become engaged! 🥂🧡

One thing to keep in mind with a public proposal is that it’s harder to control your environment and orchestrate the moment just the way you want. Something unexpected might happen, and you just might have to change your plans a little bit to fit the moment. However, if you’re ready to expect the unexpected and your Paris proposal planning is flexible and open to whatever life throws your way, then a public wedding proposal in Paris might be perfect for you!

A Private Proposal

If you’d like a more secluded setting, or if your sweetheart is more of a private person, then you might want to choose a more private location for your Paris wedding proposal. A private proposal can take many forms. You can propose at a picnic in a secluded outdoor location, in a romantic hotel room, or during a romantic dinner at home. Either way, you’ll be able to make sure everything is absolutely perfect and that the moment is right to pop the question! This makes the private proposal an intimate moment shared just between you and the most special person in your life!

Keep in mind that the moment might not be as big and theatrical as a public proposal. It will be a more muted moment just between you and your fiance. However, if a quiet, romantic moment sounds like the proposal of your dreams, then that’s what you should do! It all depends on your sweetheart’s personality and who the two of you are as a couple.

Spots to propose in Paris

2. Choose A Location

Is Paris a good place to propose? The answer is definitely yes! However, Paris is a city filled with romantic locations, so it will be important to choose the part of the city that will be perfect for your Paris wedding proposal. 

Where is the best place to propose in Paris? That all depends on which location best matches your personality as a couple! If you’re adventurous, you might want to get engaged on a Paris rooftop overlooking the City Of Love. If you’d like to propose at one of Paris’s many iconic landmarks, here are some you should definitely consider:

  • Near the Eiffel Tower – This is a somewhat popular spot 😜 so unless you’re planning to propose in the early morning, be prepared to have lots of witnesses and tourists nearby to cheer for you when you finally pop the question!
  • Disneyland Paris – This is perfect for the more playful and fun-loving couple! Pop the question in front of Cinderella’s Castle, or in full view of Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney crew.
  • The Louvre Museum – Let one of the most beautiful moments in your life take place surrounded by some of the most beautiful art in the world!
  • Trocadéro, Palais de Chaillot – A beautiful 16th-century building with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower!
  • On the river banks – Enjoy a romantic stroll on the quays of the Seine and find the perfect spot

While these are some of the most legendary wedding proposal spots in Paris, there are as many places to propose as there are couples in the world! So if you’d like more suggestions for a Paris wedding proposal location that’s perfect for you, please reach out and let us offer some suggestions 😊!

3. Consider Hiring A Proposal Planner

If you’re planning a simple proposal, you might be able to handle everything yourself. Something understated and straightforward might be the perfect way to propose to your significant other. But if you’re planning a more elaborate way to pop the question, it might be worthwhile to consider hiring a wedding proposal planner. 

Many proposal planners offer a full Paris proposal package that includes essentials like location scouting and scheduling. From arranging decorations like flowers and balloons to making sure that the moment is absolutely perfect when you finally get that big “YES,” a proposal planner can be a great resource to help you manage the many moving parts that go into a perfect Paris wedding proposal.

4. Prepare What You’re Going To Say

Before you drop to one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?” you’re going to want to think about what else you want to say to lead into the big moment. A proposal speech isn’t something to blurt out in the heat of the moment. It takes careful consideration and rehearsal to make sure you perfectly nail your Paris wedding proposal. Planning your speech in advance is quite important!

There are all sorts of things you can say during your Paris wedding proposal speech. You can talk about the moment you first fell in love with your significant other, or the moment you knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. The speech is also a perfect time to let your significant other know all the ways they make your life complete and why they are so important to you! ✨🥰✨

Paris proposal on the river bank near the Eiffel Tower
Paris wedding proposal
Couple hugging after wedding proposal in Paris

5. Keep It A Surprise

One of the most challenging parts about planning a wedding proposal in Paris is keeping your big plans a secret from your significant other until it’s finally time to pop the question. When you’re preparing for the big moment, here are some important things to remember to make sure that your Paris proposal is a wonderful surprise for your partner:

Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Giving Away The Game

To find out your partner’s ring size without giving away that you’re planning to buy an engagement ring, subtlety is key! You can tell them that you’re shopping for a ring for your mom, your sister or another family member, and you can ask if you can measure their ring size for reference 😉.

You can also try asking one of your partner’s friends to see if they know their ring size or ask to borrow one of their rings for the day and use that as a reference when shopping for the engagement ring.

If you really want to keep things top-secret, you can even quickly trace one of your partner’s rings onto a piece of paper. That way, you’ll know their ring size without having to drop any hints to anybody that you’re planning on going shopping for an engagement ring ✨💍✨!

Know How To Travel With The Ring Without Your Partner Seeing It At The Airport

If you’re traveling to Paris with your secret engagement ring, you’ll have to find a way to get the ring through airport security, and that means there’s a risk that your partner might see it and figure out your plans for a romantic Paris wedding proposal. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks you can use to make sure that your engagement ring remains hidden:

  • Store the ring in a secure box (the box the ring came in is perfect for this, and so is any other ring box with a soft interior that won’t scratch the ring).
  • Attach a subtle note asking airport security to use discretion if they need to check your bag. Any polite message like, “Engagement ring inside – please be discreet!” should be enough to make sure airport security protects your secret if they wind up searching your bags.
  • Hide the ring inside an article of clothing or another container your partner won’t think to open. This is especially important if you’re sharing luggage!
  • Make sure your bag doesn’t contain anything that will trigger a bag search. Double-check that all your toiletries are the right size, you aren’t traveling with any liquids larger than the approved amounts, and that you remove your laptop and all other electronic items before sending them through security!
  • If your bag does get searched, you might have to improvise. Ask your partner if they can go grab you a snack or a magazine, or find a way to subtly direct their attention away from the bag search. You’ll have to be quick on your feet in this situation, but we believe in you 😎!
Proposal in Paris on a rooftop near the Eiffel Tower
Couple kissing in Paris
Couple celebrating wedding proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower

6. Arrange The Perfect Event To Pop The Question

There are all sorts of different ways to set up a surprise Paris wedding proposal. You just need to find the cover story that best fits the occasion. Here are some ideas for events that are perfect for surprise wedding proposals:

  • Throw your partner a surprise party, and in the middle of celebrating with your friends and family, make the moment even more unforgettable by dropping down on one knee and popping the question!
  • Pretend that you’ve scheduled a normal couples’ photoshoot. That way, you’ll already have an excuse to have a photographer present, and the atmosphere will already be romantic and perfect for a surprise proposal!
  • Arrange a romantic dinner.
  • Take a river cruise down the Seine and propose right when you think the moment feels right!
  • Feel free to get creative! Any romantic moment can turn into the perfect time for a Paris wedding proposal. A walk down the Champs-Élysées, a trip to the Louvre or a walk in the Tuileries Garden are all perfect moments for a surprise Paris wedding proposal. The only limit is your imagination!

7. Just Relax – You’ve Got This! 😎

A wedding proposal is one of the most significant moments of your life. It’s a huge step, and it’s natural to be nervous, but just remember that you’ve got everything under control! Remember that this is a person whom you love, and who loves you back! 

Your Paris wedding proposal is going to be a joyful moment that you’ll never forget. With the right preparation, and with Paris — the most romantic city in the world — as the perfect backdrop, your proposal is going to be absolutely amazing!

Paris proposal photoshoot on the river banks and in front of the Eiffel Tower

8. Hire A Wedding Proposal Photographer

Okay, so you’ve planned everything out. You know when you’re going to pop the question. You know where you’re going to pop the question. All that remains is making sure that you have a great wedding proposal photographer on hand to take pictures of this amazing event. A wedding proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you’re going to want a photographer on the scene to capture that moment forever.

Your proposal photographer can stage a formal photoshoot with you and your partner, where you and your partner are posing in front of iconic Paris landmarks, or, if your sweetheart is a little camera-shy or you want to completely surprise them, then you can ask your proposal photographer to stay out of sight and take candid, paparazzi-style photos. It all depends on who you are as a couple and what kind of mood you’re aiming for, at the moment you pop the question!

Of course, we at Let’s Run To The Sun would be honored to be your proposal photographers! Paris is full of beautiful places, and we know all the best ways to bring the city to life while taking timeless proposal photography that you’ll treasure forever. So if you’re looking for proposal photography in Paris, then we are here for you! Reach out whenever you’re ready to plan the Paris proposal of your dreams. We can’t wait to speak to you soon! 🧡🥂

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