light in wedding photography

Light in wedding photography

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Photography is about capturing the reflection of light on an object, a person or a landscape. It is for this reason that today we have decided to talk to you about the importance of light in wedding photography.

There are several things to think about when planning your wedding to make sure you have optimal light conditions. We’ll tell you about it right away!

Good weather does not necessarily mean good light

Most people think that a big blue sky and the sun at its zenith are the ideal conditions for taking photos. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth!

Direct light will create harsh, unflattering shadows on faces. The sun will make you squint and force you to put on your sunglasses (if you of course remembered to bring them with you)!

We have seen better conditions to have pretty portraits 🙂

Your photographer will of course be able to adjust the exposure while taking the photos and correct some problems when editing the images. But in some cases he will not be able to work miracles.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to control the weather. But you can always think of solutions before so you can have beautiful images regardless of the weather conditions.

So if few clouds are announced for your big day, it’s not necessarily a bad thing! 🙂

What to do in case of bad light?

It is always a good idea to give the schedule of the day to your wedding photographer, he will be able to take certain elements into account.

If the ceremony takes place outside at 12 p.m., for example, he will suggest the best shaded places to obtain beautiful images.

Regarding couple photos, we strongly advise you to take them at sunset. It is simply the second best time of the day (with sunrise) to take pictures because the light at this moment of the day is amazing. As the sun is grazing, the light is therefore much softer and more flattering. You will see immediately the difference on your photos.

Beware of artificial lighting

When you are looking for your wedding venue pay close attention to the light conditions. Certain light sources are to be avoided (LEDs, blue light, lasers) because they will not add value to your photos despite all the efforts of your photographer.

Conversely, certain sources are to be preferred. Such as light garlands, warm light sources, etc. They will bring a special and warm atmosphere to your photos, so do not hesitate to put a lot of them!

The importance of light in wedding photography

Whatever happens, share your requests concerning lighting with the person in charge of your wedding venue. He will surely be able to offer you solutions.

If you hadn’t thought of it before reading this blog, we hope you now realize the importance of light in wedding photography!

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