There’s a feeling of magic in Paris that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The stunning architecture, iconic landmarks, and beautiful parks create an enchanting atmosphere that makes Paris one of the most romantic cities on Earth. With so many stunning locations throughout the city, it can be hard to choose the best Paris photo locations for your engagement. That’s why we’ve made a list of our favorite spots in Paris for photoshoots that bring out the best of the city’s stunning beauty and romantic atmosphere. Here are 10 stunning locations to capture beautiful couples photos in Paris!

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1. Trocadéro 🗼

This elevated, open space is one of the most popular destinations in Paris. And for good reason! Couples visiting the Trocadéro will have spectacular views of some of the most iconic landmarks in Paris. The Eiffel Tower is just across the Seine River, and it makes an awesome backdrop for your Paris couple photoshoot at Trocadéro.

We recommend a sunrise photoshoot at the Trocadéro. The romantic vibes can’t be beat, and the image of the morning light reflecting off the Eiffel Tower will provide you with dramatic, one-of-a-kind photos.

2. Rue De Rivoli 🛍️

Couples walking down this street in central Paris can expect to see awe-inspiring architecture and encounter some world-class palaces and hotels. We recommend a photoshoot in the Place de la Concorde, taking advantage of a 3,300-year-old Egyptian obelisk or stunning bronze statues in les deux fontaines as your backdrop! The Rue De Rivoli also features a gilded statue of Joan Of Arc that is a perfect spot to share a romantic moment during a couples photoshoot. 

Afterward, you can treat yourself to an unforgettable Parisian pastry at one of the many world-class patisseries that line the Rue De Rivoli. There’s so much to do and see on this one street that you could spend the entire day here without running out of awesome places to visit and pose in front of.

Couple Photos in Paris

3. Avenue De Camoens 🥰

This cute little street is an oasis of quiet and calm in the otherwise bustling city. The apartment buildings that line this street are the height of Parisian style, and no matter where you stop along the street you’ll find tons of nice places to take pictures. In Paris, there is no shortage of wonderful spots, but what makes the Avenue De Camoens truly unique is how understated it is. 

It has a soft-spoken beauty that fully immerses you in the world of the city and serves as a stunning backdrop for beautiful couples photos in Paris. As an added bonus, at the end of the Avenue De Camoens is an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower! We recommend posing for some casual, romantic photos as you stroll down the Avenue De Camoens and finish off your photoshoot by posing in front of the Eiffel Tower at sunset!

4. Tuileries Garden 🌳

This vast public garden is one of the most popular destinations in Paris and for good reason! Natural beauty mingles with scenic walkways and stunning fountains to create a secluded, enchanted world in the heart of the city. 

The Tuileries Garden is also home to the Arc Du Triomphe du Caroussel, one of the most famous landmarks in Paris! The beautiful 19th-century sculptures, perfectly manicured flowers, and sheer variety of sights and sounds make the Tuileries Garden one of the best locations for your Paris pre-wedding photos. 

Whether you’re posing together walking hand-in-hand through the gardens, or sharing a loving embrace in front of the Arc De Triomphe du Caroussel, you’ll have plenty of awesome options for engagement photos during your visit to the Tuileries!

5. Seine Riverbanks 🌊

The Seine River runs through the heart of Paris, and a walk along its banks offers tons of awesome spots for Paris couples photography. The river is crisscrossed by many beautiful bridges which allow couples to pose with the beautiful waters of the Seine flowing behind them. 

The cobblestone walkways that run alongside the Seine also offer awesome opportunities for romantic photos of you and your partner walking arm-in-arm beside the water, perhaps with a few boats drifting by lazily in the background. 

The banks of the Seine also pass by the Eiffel Tower and offer a perspective of this legendary Paris landmark that you can’t find anywhere else in the city!

6. Alexandre III Bridge 🫅

This majestic bridge, built in the ornate Beaux Arts style, is hands down one of the most beautiful locations for a photo session in Paris. It connects the legendary Champs-Élysées with the majestic Les Invalides Hotel, both of which provide awesome backdrops for your engagement photos. 

The bridge itself is lined with extravagant golden sculptures of mythological creatures such as nymphs and winged goddesses that will lend an otherworldly, enchanted feeling to your couples photoshoot in Paris. 

As night falls, the elegant lamps that run the length of the bridge are illuminated and will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to 19th-century Europe! Posing together in the lamplight is incredibly romantic and makes the Alexandre III Bridge one of the best locations for a photo session in Paris.

beautiful couples photos in Paris

7. Louvre Museum 🎨

The Louvre is more than just a Paris landmark – it’s a whole self-contained world of beautiful art and history. It’s a Paris institution, but it’s also an international treasure that ranks among one of the most romantic locations in the entire world!

Outside The Louvre

This world-famous art museum offers everything you could ever want for wedding pictures in Paris. The awe-inspiring architecture of this historic building is guaranteed to lend a majestic atmosphere to all of your engagement photos!

The vast museum grounds offer tons of variety, too, so once you’ve finished snapping some photos in front of the historic Louvre Palace, there are plenty of other spots outside the museum to pose for some gorgeous wedding photos.

One of the most iconic sections of the Louvre is the gigantic glass pyramid designed by the legendary architect I.M. Pei. Since it was first constructed in 1988, the Louvre Pyramid has gone on to rank alongside the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Élysées as one of the most recognizable and iconic landmarks in Paris! 

Posing for photos in the courtyard with the breathtaking pyramid in the background will guarantee that you end up with truly unique engagement photos that you’ll be able to treasure forever.

Inside The Louvre

The Louvre is just as jaw-dropping inside as it is on the outside, and it’s an ideal spot to capture beautiful couples photos in Paris! There’s a reason why it’s the world’s most-visited art museum: It’s home to some of the world’s most amazing works of art, housed inside one of the world’s most beautiful buildings. 

From unforgettable sculptures like the Venus De Milo to world-famous paintings like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, there are so many wonderful artworks that you absolutely won’t want to miss during your visit. 

An engagement photoshoot in front of some of the most beautiful pieces of art ever created is an awesome way to celebrate the loving connection you share with your partner!

beautiful couples photos in Paris

8. Rooftops 🌃

An engagement photoshoot on a Parisian rooftop is the perfect way to commemorate your love while capturing the unrivaled beauty of this city’s skyline. There are a few options when it comes to a rooftop engagement photoshoot in Paris. 

We always recommend that couples check out the terrace at Galeries Lafayette. This rooftop offers a panoramic view of the whole city, including breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and Opera Garnier! When it comes to engagement pictures in Paris, a sunset photoshoot on the terrace of the Galeries Lafayette is especially romantic and cinematic.

You can also opt for an engagement photoshoot on the rooftop of a private Airbnb or hotel. Your Paris photographer is a great resource for helping you find out-of-the-way locations that offer awesome rooftop views of the city that are perfect for romantic engagement photoshoots!

9. Bir Hakeim Bridge ✨

A walk across this amazing bridge offers breathtaking views of the Seine and some of the best architecture in the city, including the Eiffel Tower. The surrounding landmarks and the natural beauty of the river, combined with the stunning iron sculptures built along the length of the bridge, make Bir Hakeim one of the best photography spots in Paris. 

The bridge also crosses the Île aux Cygnes, a beautifully manicured man-made island in the middle of the Seine that features a gorgeous tree-lined walkway. From the Bir Hakeim Bridge, you can access a balcony that overlooks the Île aux Cygnes, and the island’s idyllic beauty makes a perfect backdrop for your couples photoshoot.

Eiffel Tower photo spots

10. Rue Saint-Dominique 📽️

This iconic street runs the length of Paris’s 7th arrondissement, and a stroll from one end to the other will take you past all the neighborhood’s most iconic sights! At the west end of the street, you can find the gorgeous Champ de Mars Park and the Eiffel Tower, and as you travel down the street the top of the tower remains visible above the rooftops. 

Along the Rue Saint-Dominique, you’ll encounter a multitude of Parisian bistros, bakeries, and clothing shops that will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a classic French film! 

We recommend snapping some couples photos of you and your partner enjoying a delicious meal or French pastry so that you can always remember the wonderful flavors of Paris in addition to its amazing beauty. The sheer variety and authentically Parisian surroundings of the Rue Saint-Dominique make it hands down one of the best photoshoot locations in Paris!

If any of these locations are calling out to you and you’re ready to start planning your Paris engagement photoshoot, we’re here to help! Book your photoshoot online or get in touch any time and we can start working together to create the romantic couples photoshoot of your dreams. 

We can’t wait to show you around this beautiful city and create beautiful couples photos in Paris that you’ll treasure forever!

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