You’re currently planning your next romantic holiday in Croatia and looking for the best photoshoot locations in Split? You’re at the right place!

Croatia and the city of Split in particular, offer a lot of gorgeous locations for a photoshoot with your partner. As Croatia wedding photographers, we used to photograph a lot of couples in Split, and in the area. That’s the reason why we decided to help you find the best spots with this list of 6 beautiful photo locations in Split. Enjoy!

Split Riva


We start this list with the most obvious place for a Split couple photoshoot, Riva! Riva harbor is one of the most popular places in the city. If you go there, you will always see people enjoying the sun while drinking coffee. This long pedestrian avenue by the Adriatic sea is very popular, so try to plan your photoshoot early morning unless it doesn’t bother you have a lot of strangers in your pictures. Plus Diocletian’s Palace is just nearby so you can continue your photoshoot to the second location on this list!

Diocletian’s Palace

On the UNESCO world heritage list since 1979, Diocletian’s Palace is the historic core of Split. It is one of the best-preserved Antiquity buildings in the world. You’ll love wandering inside. Plus, the architecture and its big and beautiful white stones make it a very nice place for a photoshoot or an engagement session in Split. As for Riva, try to plan your photoshoot early morning as it’s a very touristy area.

Split Photoshoot Locations

Marjan Park

As nature lovers, this is one of our favorite photoshoot locations in Split for couples! Marjan Park is a popular place for locals. Its greenery and the calm that surrounds it make it a very calming place. It offers you beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and its crystal clear waters.

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Botanical Garden

We LOVE Split botanical garden! Such a nice place to take a couple pictures in Split. Located in Marjan Park, you’ll love the atmosphere that emanates from it and its large bay windows letting in the warm sun’s rays. This is the best spot for romantic pictures!

Kasjuni Beach

As you probably already know, Croatia has plenty of stunning beaches. And of course, you can find a few of them in the Split area. Located near Marjan Park, Kasjuni Beach offers an amazing view of the surrounding greenery. The clear blue water and its spectacular views of the rocky, pine-covered hillside will give you the perfect backdrop for a sunset couple photoshoot.

Split Streets

Old Town

We end this list of photoshoot locations in Split with the old town. Full of pretty streets with white cobblestones, Split’s old town is full of authentic and picturesque places, no matter where you look. That’s why in our opinion, it is one of the best locations for a photoshoot in Split. Make sure to plan your photoshoot early in the morning to avoid crowds in your pictures!

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