Romantic date in Paris

15 Places To Picnic In Paris For A Romantic Date

Plan a romantic date in Paris with a picnic and really experience the Parisian lifestyle for the day! Here are 15 of the loveliest spots.

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Paris has an air of wonder and romanticism with gorgeous architecture, an enchanting language, and numerous beautiful parks. It’s no wonder it is known as the city of love! One of the top things we recommend doing when you come to this city is to experience the Parisian lifestyle for the day. The perfect way to do that is by planning a romantic date in Paris and going for a picnic! 

Now, we know with so many stunning destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the best place to have a romantic picnic in Paris. But you’re in safe hands with us because we believe these 15 places are some of the loveliest to enjoy good food and good company!

1. Riverbanks With Eiffel Tower Views 

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and a representation of love. So what better location than to have your picnic here? The riverbanks provide multiple spots for you to choose from. They also offer a panoramic view of the city, making it a great location to picnic in Paris with views of the Eiffel Tower. 

Being by the historic river, you can listen to the gentle movements of the water and watch the boats go by. Whether this is your first date or your 100th date, this spot is the perfect location to have a relaxed and intimate time together. 💗

2. Champ de Mars

At the base of the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars has got to be one of the most romantic places to picnic in Paris! Enjoy a moment of Parisian life on this open lawn and bask in the sun. Or alternatively, come here for a dinner picnic! Who says picnics are just for the daytime? 

If you wait until it gets dark, the Eiffel Tower lights up, creating a really romantic atmosphere where you can watch the tower sparkle in the night sky. 🎇

3. Bois de Boulogne

Come to Bois de Boulogne to be transported into nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you can surround yourself with luscious greenery to have a truly memorable experience. Making it one of the best parks in Paris to picnic. There’s even a lake in the park where the two of you can row a boat together which makes for an incredibly romantic date in Paris. 🛶

4. Montmartre 

If you’ve ever wondered “Where should I go on a date in Paris?” then Montmartre is a great option for you. A picturesque neighborhood on a large hill, it’s an ideal place to explore for the day with many picnic spots and fun things to do in Paris for couples. 

Come and get lost in the narrow, cobbled, and winding streets with gorgeous views of traditional buildings! You could even go to the top of the hill to enjoy the beautiful views over the city. 

Romantic date in Paris

5. Jardin du Luxembourg 

A place rich in history, Jardin du Luxembourg is a beautiful park in the middle of Paris. It is filled with open lawns, pretty flower beds, and towering trees, therefore it provides a peaceful oasis for locals and visitors. 

If you enjoy gorgeous gardens, ponds, and statues, this is the perfect picnic spot that has a front-row view of Luxembourg Palace. Experience a Parisian tradition by renting a small sailboat to navigate on the pond – it could be a cute thing to do in Paris together!

6. Jardin des Tuileries

Where is the best place to picnic in Paris? Well, this just might be it! Located in the middle of the Louvre and Place de la Concorde, this quintessentially French garden is surrounded by some of the most acclaimed museums. If you’re planning on museum hopping, which is one of the most romantic things to do in Paris, then this is the perfect place to come for a spot of relaxation afterward! 🌳

7. Parc de la Villette

Parc de la Villette is a quirky complex with many futuristic-looking buildings. It is also one of the nicest spots in Paris to relax outside to enjoy a picnic. It’s full of art, intriguing gardens with interesting concepts, and in general, a very creative space to enjoy! 

This large area has many places to explore making it one of the best things to do in Paris for couples with curious minds.

8. Île Saint Louis (riverbanks)

You no longer have to wonder “Where is the best place to picnic on the Seine?” because this is it! Île Saint Louis is an island with picturesque views of the Seine River and stylish architecture around every corner. This island connects to the rest of Paris by quays and bridges and is truly a tranquil hidden gem. 

The river banks around the island are one of the best hidden romantic spots in Paris. They offer a place for quiet contemplation whilst looking out on the calm river and enjoying each other’s company. 😌

9. Buttes Chaumont 

Built on an old quarry, Buttes Chaumont is a large hilly space with many attractions for outdoor lovers. The park is one of the original green spaces in Paris with waterfalls, a suspended bridge, and a lake that attracts lots of wildlife, making it a perfect destination for a picnic in Paris! 

The park is gorgeous no matter what season you visit and provides spectacular views of the city from the hill. A perfect reason to come here for a romantic date in Paris! 💝

10. Parc Monceau

If you need romantic date ideas in Paris, come to Parc Monceau, a lovely park in the heart of the city. Painted by many famous artists, it’s close to many museums. In addition, the park has many interesting architectural structures for you to discover! 

The Duke who constructed this park had a love for all things English and wanted to create architectural follies to surprise those who visited the park. Strolling in a park and taking in the beautiful structures is one of many romantic activities in Paris to do together. 

Picnic place in Paris

11. Bois de Vincennes

For romantic date ideas in Paris, look no further than Bois Vincennes! It’s a park full of romance and even a Temple of Love. This green space is the largest park in Paris with a millennium-long history. It’s so large that it is considered to be the left lung of Paris giving oxygen to the city – how incredible is that! 🤩

Pack a hamper and head out for a picnic by one of the four open lakes with amazing serene views across the water. Each lake was designed with romanticism in mind and it truly is beautiful!

12. Parc André Citroën

This urban park has a modern twist to the typical French garden design with the use of concrete, lines, and structural designs. Are you thinking “How can I spend romantic time in Paris?” Well, at Parc André Citroën they have plenty of areas for the two of you to go hand in hand to discover. Beautiful orangeries, water features, and different themed gardens are just some features of this garden! 

If you want to take it even further, you can go on a tethered balloon ride – one of the best Paris couple activities you could do – with an incredible view perfect for an intimate moment together. 

13. Canal Saint Martin

Located in a trendy, more secluded area in Paris, Canal Saint Martin is an alternative location to the Seine. It’s the type of place to come and enjoy a Parisian picnic among the locals! 🧺

In this up-and-coming area, there are many cafes and restaurants to grab something from. Then you could sit on the bank of the river to enjoy. It’s very laid-back and somewhere to enjoy the serenity of the water whilst people-watching to your heart’s content.  

14. Parc Montsouris

One of the larger urban parks in Paris filled with huge trees, rolling hills, pretty flower gardens, and charming winding paths; this space is easily one of the most peaceful green spaces in Paris! 

Parc Montsouris is also home to many species of birds. So it is a great location to come and picnic for any nature lovers wanting to have a break from the busy city life, even if it’s just for a few hours. 🦆

15. Les Invalides 

Home to intriguing museums and tombs, Les Invalides is the place to explore for any history enthusiast. The gardens provide an ideal picnic spot! It’s also a great place to come after enjoying a day of culture. 🥖 Bring a baguette and some snacks to enjoy the 17th-century architecture as well as see the incredible views of the Seine and the golden dome!

Are you planning a picnic to pop the big question and wanted to get some location ideas? If so we would love to help make your ideas come to life and be there as your Paris proposal photographer to capture that special moment. 📷

Get in touch with us today and let’s get planning the most perfect day to enter into the exciting new chapter of your life! ✨

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