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Even if you are the most organized bride and groom in the world, there is inevitably one thing that unfortunately you cannot predict: the weather! That’s why it is therefore very important to anticipate the case of bad weather and to apply our few tips for rainy wedding to prepare yourselves.

This way, even if it rains at your wedding, you and your guests will only be slightly impacted and you’ll still get some great photos!

So even if you are getting married in the middle of summer and you are generally super lucky, we still give you our advice in case of a rainy wedding day, just in case!

Consider the weather when planning your wedding day

It all starts with anticipation! If you plan to celebrate your wedding outdoors, the ideal when you are looking for your wedding venue is to favor all of them who have a shelter.

Indeed, whether it’s 40 degrees celsius in the shade or it’s raining heavily, this place will provide you with either some shade or shelter to stay dry. You win either way!

If you have already booked your wedding venue and it has no shelter, consider renting tents and tepees! It’s very trendy at the moment and accompanied by beautiful light garlands it could bring something special to your decor.

Ask the owners of the venue for advice

Discuss with the owners or the person in charge of the organization of your wedding venue and ask him what alternatives you will have in case of rain.

Given their experience, they have probably already experienced this situation and should be able to offer you a backup solution.

Think about your guests

D-day is approaching and the weather forecast still announces bad weather? If unfortunately it rains for your wedding, make umbrellas available to your guests. This little attention will surely please them! And it will always be possible to get beautiful images with transparent umbrellas for example.

Also remember to protect the ground to avoid mud if possible.

And what about the photos?

Even if it rains, your wedding photographer must faithfully capture your wedding day. And believe us, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get great photos!

If you’re really unlucky and a tropical storm hits your wedding, there will necessarily be an indoor place where you can get pretty couple photos. There is also the possibility to postpone your couple photos to another time of the day or the next day.

Whatever happens on your wedding day, enjoy it! As in life in general, it is impossible to control everything. So embrace the unknown and enjoy the moment! Whatever happens, you will have wonderful memories.

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