Tips to get beautiful wedding photos

Tips to get beautiful wedding photos

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Are you getting married soon and don’t want to leave anything to chance? Looking for tips to get beautiful wedding photos? We got you covered!

Today we’re giving you our top tips to help you get the wedding photos you want!

Choose a wedding venue that you really love

Both take advantage of this unique opportunity to stage yourself in a place that you love. Choose the place where you will celebrate your union, as for the engagement session it must correspond to your personalities. Then, take care of the decor and details so that your photographer can make sure to tell the full story of that beautiful day.

Hire a wedding photographer who will put you at ease

Ask yourself if you will be comfortable spending the whole day with your photographer. That it takes pretty pictures is one thing, but that it makes you feel like you’re with a friend is another! We often say it, but the feeling you will have with your different service providers is extremely important.

Having a good feeling with your photographer will allow you to feel more comfortable and natural when he takes your picture. And if you are more comfortable, it will show right away on your photos! All you have to do is enjoy your day.

Prepare a list of photos

If your photographer hasn’t asked you already, send him a list of the people you absolutely want photos of at your wedding. If possible send him pictures of these people so that he can easily recognize them.

Likewise, send him a few examples if you have any particular photos you both would like to have.

Think about the light

Without light, no pretty photos! That’s why when choosing the location for your wedding don’t forget this detail. Try to plan at least one spacious and bright room with large windows for the preparations.

Next, for the ceremony, avoid as much as possible the moment when the sun is at its zenith and where you are sure to have narrowed eyes and images that are too contrasted. Even if you can’t avoid it, plan for shaded areas to get beautiful images in soft light.

On the evening, avoid lasers and blue lights. Instead, favor warm lights, garlands, etc. Do not hesitate to discuss this with the person in charge of the lighting of the venue and express your desires.

tips to get beautiful wedding photos

Organize group photos

Group photos are one of the rare occasions when your two families will be completely together, they are a staple of wedding photos. For these to take place in the best possible way, we advise you to instruct your witnesses to gather everyone together (inform them of their mission before D-Day), and to avoid taking the photos immediately after the ceremony.

Indeed, this is when all your loved ones will want to come and congratulate you. Confusion is therefore likely to reign and it will be difficult to organize it all. So try to focus on a quieter time after the ceremony and prepare in advance a list of essential groups to photograph (which you can give to the witnesses to group them together) so that the exercise does not take too long.

Have a plan B

Even if you are the most organized bride and groom, unfortunately there is at least one thing you cannot control and that is the weather. So if you can’t avoid the rain from falling, at least try to plan a place where you and your guests can take refuge in the event of a downpour. This place will still allow you to have pretty pictures.

Schedule a moment for your couple photos

The day itself being quite stressful, there is no need to add more on D-Day. So try to plan when you will leave your guests a few moments for your couple photos. As we told you in this article to prepare for your couple session, focus on the “Golden Hour”, when the sun has just risen or is just a few minutes from setting. But also make sure that your photographer has already spotted the places before so as not to waste time and to be sure that he will be able to show you off in this environment.


The best way to get great pictures is to feel comfortable and avoid unnecessary stress. So don’t hesitate to choose people before your wedding to whom you can delegate as much as possible if necessary. You will be able to fully enjoy this day. Because even if the magnificent photos that you will get will remind you of it all your life, the best thing is still to live this moment 🙂

By applying these few tips you will go a long way in achieving beautiful wedding photos!

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