Why should I do an engagement session

Why should you do an engagement session?

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If you’ve been recently engaged, you may have already started hearing about an engagement session.

So, you might be asking yourself why should you do an engagement session? Do you absolutely have to do one before your wedding?

Not necessarily. But as photographers we recommend it to you for several reasons 🙂

Read on!

Reason 1: to make you feel comfortable

An engagement session is an opportunity for both of you to get used to being photographed. This will help you feel more comfortable during your wedding. No need to add extra stress to this day, right?

Most people are not comfortable in front of a camera, wondering where to look, when to smile, where to position their hands… We feel you, we’ve been there too. Just imagine it’s some kind of pre-wedding rehearsal!

Reason n ° 2: to get to know the photographer

An engagement session is also a special moment that you can spend with a professional photographer and allow you to see how he works.

Is he cool? Can he make you feel comfortable?

Who knows, if the feeling goes well you might have already found your wedding photographer!

couple kissing each other in front of the Seine in Paris

Reason n ° 3: to make beautiful memories

Yes! Isn’t that what the photos are all about?

You can create wonderful memories and have beautiful couple photos to show (and make jealous) everyone. Because let’s be real, selfies are cool but they will never replace professional photos 🙂

On top of that you can even use the photos for your wedding invitations!

Reason 4: to enjoy a moment just the two of you

Since you were engaged, have you had a real moment of your own?

Take advantage of an engagement session to share a great moment just for the two of you. Laugh, kiss, play, run, make silly faces! Enjoy the present moment and forget about the wedding preparations for a moment.

Despite a little embarrassment at the start for the shy ones, you will not regret having taken the plunge.

There you go, even if planning an engagement session is not a mandatory step before your wedding, we hope that after reading this blog we will have convinced you that it is worth it and that you don’t ask yourself anymore why should I do an engagement session!

One thing is certain, we do not know any couple who regrets. Just saying 🙂

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