Destination wedding Martinique

Destination Wedding in Martinique

Get some inspiration with this beautiful destination wedding in Martinique taking place on the beach at Hotel Bakoua!

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Let’s talk about this gorgeous destination wedding in Martinique and one of our favorite couples ever, Maeva & Guillaume. We remember, as it was today when we did our first video call with this cute couple. They were on the road exploring the island, visiting their wedding venue, and finalizing the last details.

We were carefully listening to their love story and new Canadian life as they left Paris to live in Canada.

But while they were soaking up the sun in Martinique, we were freezing under the blanket in Paris wishing only one thing – to be their wedding photographer in Martinique, because who wouldn’t like to shoot an easygoing, gorgeous couple whose dream was to have a wedding on the beach?!

If you know a little about us, you’ll know we are so excited about destination weddings in Martinique or anywhere else! Whenever you celebrate the love with family and friends, not one, not two, but at least three days haha!

Nobody was happier than us when we all decided to work together and photograph their beach wedding in Martinique.

Maeva & Guillaume’s wedding day

We came to the island a few days earlier and explored the venue since it was our first time shooting there. When the wedding day came, as often, Kristina stayed with Maeva and the girls for preps and Sofiane with Guillaume and his family.

It was so hot outside that we were kind of enjoying the room and the AC. From Maeva’s room, we could have seen the last preparations on the beach for the ceremony. When Guillaume came to the beach it meant only one thing – it was time for Maeva to go outside and walk to the aisle with her father.

It was such an emotional moment when her father came into the room. Is it only us or do you cry as well when you witness true emotions on a wedding day?

All the guests were waiting impatiently for Maeva to come outside in her gorgeous wedding dress that she wore perfectly.

The ceremony

The ceremony was so emotional with the speech of the maid of honor and the best man. The sun was strong but some wind even disturbed Guillaume‘s speech that he had written on the paper. As a perfect soulmate, Maeva held with him his speech so he could express his deepest feelings to her in front of all family and friends.

After they said YES at the beautiful hotel Bakoua we stayed on the beach for group shots and enjoyed the cocktail time.

When the golden hour moment came, we asked Maeva and Guillaume to go in between the palm trees and the garden of the venue so we could take a couple of photos. We had the luck that our newlyweds took time and enjoyed these precious moments so we were able to take various photos and have some fun ones too! They looked so good in between the palm trees that we didn’t want to stop shooting.

But the sun was coming down and it was time to throw the bouquet which was organized in the most perfect sunset on the beach.

When it was completely dark guests were on the stairs with sparkles waiting for newlyweds to come. They walked upstairs in a style, holding hands and wearing the biggest smile and they continued to dance and laugh all night long!

Venue: Hotel Bakoua / Wedding Planner: Myl’evasions / Photography: Let’s Run To The Sun


We enjoyed being a part of this day with such awesome people. However, this story does not end here. Two days later we did an amazing beach session with Maeva Guillaume which happens to be one of our favorite shootings ever!

We truly hope this destination wedding in Martinique inspired you if you’re dreaming about a beach wedding.

Now, honestly, we do not know all the beaches and venues in the world but we do know we can get you the same result for your wedding day! Don’t end this day without booking a chat with us! We can’t wait to cheer your love on the beach!

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